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KLRU drops the ball on Frontline program, Bush's War

Our local PBS station, KLRU, chose to air the Frontline two-part program, Bush's War, at 11:00 pm on both nights this March (the program will air tonight, March 24th, and Tuesday, March 25th).

On the five-year anniversary of this brutal war, burying the program in a late-night timeslot is extremely disappointing. If you find this action problematic, I encourage you to email the station manager at

I appreciate the programming KLRU provides, especially Frontline documentaries, but this was a poor decision by station management.

Thoughts on cross-promotion, collaboration, and convergence

Thoughts on cross-promotion, collaboration, and convergence…we (independent community media in Austin and in Texas) should be working towards cross-promotion. By “cross-promotion” I mean promotion across mediums, programs, and channels (mediums). It would be a way of showing support and solidarity for our fellow community media producers and might serve as a way to open audiences (media publics) to new shows, programs, or journalists.

Convergence Afternoon Session Audio Download

Convergence Afternoon Session

Eastwoods Room - Convergence Afternoon Session
Listed below: main themes and ideas discussed during the session

General Questions for discussion:
-What are community media doing to reach their audience?
-Who should be collaborating and how should the be doing it?
-What training is needed for online production?
-How can we use broadband and keep avenues open, what are the policy issues?
-Do community media messages became scattered when distributed via Facebook, MySpace, etc.?
-There is a general need to use online collaboration alongside real-time, face-to-face meetings and events

Convergence Morning Breakout Session

Eastwoods Room

Opening Remarks by Dr. Laura Stein
How can community media harness interactive media?

Group round table discussion on issues of importance: