Community Media Summit

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Summit Agenda

The Texas Community Media Summit will bring together Texas community media makers, stakeholders, activists, and advocates on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Union for the purpose of:

• Understanding and knowledge of the Texas community media landscape
• Inclusion of ethnic, social and cultural diversity in community media
• Collaboration and partnerships among Texas community media
• Cohesive political focus aimed at influencing state / federal media policy

For people in Texas engaged in telling stories about their own community who:

• Provide the means to create and distribute media
• Produce media
• Transmit media
• Consume media

For people who value:

• Free Speech | Localism | Inclusion
• Diversity | Creativity | Media Literacy
• Non-commercial media

It is our hope that the Texas Community Media Summit will:

• Inspire the formation of active local community media alliances in Texas
• Be a bridge to the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis

The summit will begin a conversation about how community media will thrive in this state and continue to be a rich source of news, ideas, and inspiration.