Convergence Afternoon Session Audio Download

The Texas Media Landscape, Mary Lampe East TX

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Remarks by Mary Lampe from Southwest Alternate Media Project on the East Texas Media Landscape.

The Texas Media Landscape, Julia Austin Central TX

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Comments at the Texas Community Media Summit on March 1, 2008, by Julia Austin from the Texas Observer on the Media Landscape in Central Texas.

The Texas Media Landscape, Giovanni Gallucci, North Texas

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Remarks by Giovanni Galluci with the Agency Blog.

Convergence Afternoon Session

Eastwoods Room - Convergence Afternoon Session
Listed below: main themes and ideas discussed during the session

General Questions for discussion:
-What are community media doing to reach their audience?
-Who should be collaborating and how should the be doing it?
-What training is needed for online production?
-How can we use broadband and keep avenues open, what are the policy issues?
-Do community media messages became scattered when distributed via Facebook, MySpace, etc.?
-There is a general need to use online collaboration alongside real-time, face-to-face meetings and events

The Texas Media Landscape, Chuck Robinson, South Texas

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Chuck Robinson from the Texas Media Empowerment Project talks about the media landscape in Central Texas.

Collaboration and Inclusion: afternoon session

Belinda starts the session with the working question to which she responded here, and a call for introductions!

Action Items

  • Develop a menu of choices for funding models, including leveraging of technology.
  • Amend SB 5 to require govt. to apply cable company franchising fees to PEG.
  • The next Texas Legislative Session is coming up and we need to start drafting something - important issues: Universal Broadband and Net Neutrality
  • Texas Community Media Fund
  • Funds raised will show community support for public access.
    Post on organizations' websites.
    Public/private partnerships

  • Community Media Center
  • Using municipally-owned broadband network.

    Session II Discussion

    Began with Review of Previous Discussion

    Great to have a site where you don't have to pay a lot of fees.
    With other organizations, there are cuts in contributions from the bank or transaction fees or the organization's cut.
    Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 percent of gross earnings was going to fees.
    PayPal 2.9 percent Fundable 4 percent.
    With small transactions, PayPal charges 30 cents additional.
    Fundable or ChipIn provide this service, NetworkForGood.
    Part of the value is also promotion on their website.

    Lunch was tasty

    I spent most of lunch talking with Houston Indymedia-makers and munching on an avocado sandwich, so these notes aren't especially detailed or comprehensive.

    I get the feeling that most of Attorney Garcia's discussion of went over folks' heads, but he reminded us that public access stations need our help. "A way of bringing in volunteers to help the city run the PEG station in one way is a way to solve this problem," he said.